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PETITES ANNONCES MONTAGNE : voyage et expédition

expédition sur la voie nord-ouest d'Elbrous (09/01/2017)

Cherche 4 montagnards pour une expédition sur la voie nord-ouest d'Elbrous 14-25 juin. Ascension et logistique assurées par guide de New Route (très bonne agence russe, J'ai déjà grimpé avec). Trois camps en tente (3 500 m., 4 000m. et 4 600m.) – 1 042m. de dénivelé jour du sommet. Guide parle anglais et français. Nous parlons anglais, français, espagnol et russe.
Prix : 1 350 euros sans billet d'avion et visa (environs 900 euros Paris- Min Vody.
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Baffin Island in Canad arctic (06/12/2016)

Looking for partners to backpack a wonderful peninsula for about 75 m/ 120 k with a few river crossings and rough terrain starting on a plateau and ending in the valley of a big river, with sides averaging 800 feet / 500 m. This is taking place in the Meta Incognita peninsula, often referred as Baffin's Florida, in Katannilik Territorial Park along the Itijjagiaq Trail.

Next summer, the best dates to go, weather wise, would be from August 4nd to 18th when the bloom is good and the black flies less aggressive. At that time, the average temperature ranges between 4 and 10C or 39 and 50F in the valley. This is an arctic trip that is reasonably affordable (i.e., 3500 $ Canadian), safe and logistically manageable as you can get there with scheduled flights and the Park maintains nine emergency shelters.

As the packs would be heavy (approximately 30 kg or 65 pounds), a few weather-bound days are possible and well-though planning for weeks of autonomy respecting food and gears is critical, the composition of the group is very important. It is therefore important that interested persons be able to do at least one short group activity over the next few months, most likely in the New York State's Adirondacks, in order to make sure that participants are compatible, capable, well equipped and fit enough.

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